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If you want or need to learn more about who this program is for, or more on what this is about, and want to see some feedback from others that have already gone through this program – before you enroll, then continue to read on below:

Let’s first start with three very important questions – please answer honestly:

  1. Do you ever feel OVERWHELMED with the amount of workload you have to do in order to achieve your business, personal, financial, and freedom/flexibility goals?
  2. Do you ever (or are starting to) feel BURNT OUT, exhausted, just sick and tired of having to be the one to do the majority of the work (and outsourcing to others never seems to work how you want and need it to no matter how hard you try)?
  3. Are you fed up with your business moving at a sloth-like pace and are starting to realize in order to get your business how you want it could take YEARS of doing an insane amount of work?

If you said “YES” to any of those questions above, then this program is for you.

Because very recently in my own business journey, I reached a point where I said “YES”  to all those questions above…

At First When I Achieved 10K Per Month With Just a Handful of SEO Clients I Thought I “Made It”

You see, up until age twenty five I lived paycheck to paycheck:

bank statement full

So I thought I finally “made it” in life when I started making more money and was even able to establish a savings account.

Sure I was working hard – but the money was great – I seemed to be able to handle just fine at the time – so I thought everything was “all good”…

Until The Immense Workload Eventually Caught Up To Me…

The euphoric high started to quickly wear off with the overwhelming complex and massive workload that continually grew and grew feeling like I had a 500 ton boulder on my shoulders.

Having clients in all different type situations:

  • With one client I was fixing a google penalty
  • Another client was doing Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Another one web design
  • Another one local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Another one national SEO
  • And a few clients in different combinations of the above

Along with having all different types of clients:

  • Some clients were demanding all types of extra tasks
  • Some clients were asking all sorts of questions, wanting to know everything going on
  • And some clients were not even responding to any of my emails or communications…

Both (all different types of situations + all different types of clients) combined to create a dangerous and deadly cocktail of an extremely stressful, overwhelming, CHAOTIC mess.

And there I was, STUCK in the middle handling it all.

Being the only one who could communicate correctly, knowing what to say to prospects and clients, being the only one who knew what paths and actions to take, basically everything was put on me.

Of course, I didn’t want it this way, I tried to outsource it. I tried to hire others to do these roles, but the thing was WITHOUT the correct systems infrastructure – anyone I tried to hire to replace myself resulted in shitty quality results very fast – almost every time.

The quality of work would be so that I didn’t even want to show clients… and the clients that did see the work became pissed off and eventually left… causing me only to need to work harder to get more clients …and then more work fulfilling the service for them – resulting in a never-ending negative cycle… if I didn’t change something to get out it.

Then A Ray of “Light” Shined Through When I Discovered and Learned About This “Systems” Stuff

This “systems” stuff opened up my eyes and I could put certain things in place to make the business more organized and efficient to generate predictable, high quality results every time…

And most importantly correctly hire and have others run that system to remove myself of needing to do most of the work for the business in order to start really creating and growing a real business…

Now – I want to share with you the core lessons I learned from the top systemizing books:

#1: Michael Gerber – The E-myth

I’m sure you probably know this book.

Michael informed about how studies show 95% of business fail – and he says the number one factor is what he calls the “E-myth” or Entrepreneur Myth” which is to think just because we have a product or service that we can sell – doesn’t mean we know how to make a business work (and last).

In the book he tells the story of a lady  who’s great at making pies. And her pies are so good people start saying “you should start a business selling pies because they are so good.”

So then she starts her own business making and selling the pies. And then quickly she realizes she also needs to do finances, hiring, management, advertising, trouble shooting all the inevitable problems that come up, etc. – connecting and managing these areas all together – and soon she burns out and the business fails…

Michael Gerber states, “The solution is knowing and applying the difference between what we’ve all most likely heard working on the business VS working in.”

It took me awhile to really realize what this meant, so I’ll give some examples below

Working In Working on:
  • Custom tasks for client
  • Strategizing, calculating, thinking, clarifying, scenario planning, visioning
  • Fixing the old level 2 sites
  • Creating the system, procedures, feedback sheets, tieing it all together, etc.
  • Create reporting for customers, putting up new domains, etc. it’s working the system.
  • Creating and clarifying roles
  • Setting up PBNs for the customers
  • Making things more organized, efficient, streamlined
  • Making changes that will positively affect multiple areas of the business

He says the key is to make that shift from working in the business VS to working on it.

This book played a great influence in helping me become AWARE of the real challenge and common pitfalls, and what the big picture solution is.

Unfortunately, he didn’t tell much “how to do it” (and even applying some of the stuff he teaches can make things much worse – which I will explain in just a moment).

#2: Work The System – Sam Capterner

I actually thought this book was the most boring book I’ve ever read – but I’m glad I stuck with it because it drilled into my head how important systems where – and that everything has a process if we take the time and “elevated” perspective to look at it.

Also, the other big thing I got from this book was to have “standard operating produces or “SOP” for shot – with is essentially standard directions for how repeatable things in the business are done.

Unfortunately, he didn’t talk about how to make these too much, organize them, connect them all up etc. (which we will talk about more in a second).

#3: Built to Sell – John Warrillow

In this book I learned about the concept “built to Sell” – and what’s interesting about this concept is it actually doesn’t mean to sell the business (but you can) – it means to start with the end in mind as if the business would be sold to someone else.

He states the reason why is because no one would want to buy a business that depended on the business owner to survive, because they knew if they bought the business, and the owner left, the business would then crumble.

So applying this end in mind, from the start, you’ll soon have a business that is NOT dependent on the owner(s) that way you have the option to enjoy working on the business or sell it for a few million dollars (or however much you want).

Also, the big take away I got was to “stop trying to be all things to all people” drill down and pick a core product and systemize that first – then move onto systemizing more services. Trying to systemize and be all things to all people is recipe for death.

Even Knowing All The Best Systemizing Methods I Still Couldn’t Get It Right…

I have nothing but respect for the original found fathers of “systemising the business”

but let’s now go over the few things that directly did NOT work at all, or had missing pieces to the equations that made it not work well at all.

Revisited #1: Michael Gerber – The E-myth.

From the E-myth one of the things Michael Gerber suggests is to make “org chart” showing the “chain of command” and where every person fits in the business…

But when I did this it had a total NEGATIVE affect, me on the “top” as the “CEO” created a business that was now more dependent as me – exact opposite of what I wanted.

Team members then expected me to know all the answers and solutions behaving and even literally saying “you are the CEO, you make these decisions and systems, I will follow them.

That all sounds good and great, except there’s now so much more complexity and constant change in today’s business especially a digital marketing one, where everyone has to work “on” the business, and balance working in it as well.

Maybe the org chart is effective in a big business – but in a “startup it’s a recipe for disaster I learned the hard way.

Like I mentioned earlier, I tried delegating work to others so I could focus on “working on” the business – but the delegated work became super low quality that I could not stand for.

This lead me to realize I was doing MANY things wrong; like having the wrong people on my team, not knowing what people were doing, even though I was paying them each week, which all leads me to mention…

Within the systemizing blueprint program you’ll learn about how to find and work with superstars: intelligent, resourceful, outcome-oriented people – and create a work environment that facilitates productivity, communication, and quality results…

You’ll also learn more and exactly “what” is involved with “working on” and how to apply this as quickl, efficiently, and effectively as possible – that most people never know about.

Revisited #2: Work The System – Sam Capterner

Like I quickly mentioned this book is great for reinforcing things like “creating operating procedures” yet doesn’t really tell you how when you hate writing and are disorganized and stuck with what to do in your head…

Leaves out how to communicate in all the learning styles, how to make them simple, and how to tie them all together in a simple, organized, easy to use and find fashion…

…that’s why I had to create the Systemizing Blueprint Program to inform others about how to do all these missing pieces, that literally took me years of trial and error, wasted money, time and effort, doing it wrong – that you can all save yourself from making the same mistakes by learning what I did wrong, and what actually works, within the Systemizing Blueprint Program.

Revisited #3: Built to Sell – John Warrillow

Like I mentioned earlier this is great book to learn the story of drilling down to one set service, and then making it into a process – but it still left out tons of pieces for me to do this in a complex, constant, never-ending, changing environment like SEO/digital marketing.

Which is why I need to show you how and what works with “productizing/proceduralizing” your service – in a way that keep all the systems  up to date in real time.

So to sum it up in one sentence…

The Systemizing Blueprint Program Goes Far Beyond All of The Best Traditional System Methods…

Not only is this program going to get you up to speed all on the (very few) best systems teaching and methodology…

It goes FAR BEYOND all of that, teaching what works in today’s super complex and fast changing environment – backed by hard core tested and refined examples I’ve experience in my real profitable client SEO business.

I promise you – you won’t find most of this stuff anywhere else – because I literally had to invent and figure most of it out within my own business – taking years to figure out and how to apply correctly.

My Results Have Been Phenomenal Applying The Systemizing Blueprint Program Material Myself…

I ramped up way BEYOND the 10K per month part… being able to generate much more cash and keep it in my bank account…

But MORE IMPORTANTLY to me able to take a month off to get married and honeymoon spending full, passionate and present quality time with my wife – and still having the business surviving and thriving without me doing anything…

I’ve now taken more vacations and time off to focus on myself, my personal health, and enjoy the company of loved ones.

And set up the systems infrastructure to work on things I love to do, like creating this training for you…

That’s what I want for you… and much more.

Looking at the pain and struggles I went through, and then talking to like-minded business owners who are going through the same thing, I realized I could really uniquely help them – and that’s what I want to do with you.

I want you to have freedom of having to do all the work that you don’t want to do (while still producing the same or even better high quality results for your clients).

That way – you are removed as the bottleneck for the business to grow and generate much more money – and also get back to the one of the core reasons you started a business, to work on things you want, and have more time, freedom and flexibility to do what you want, when you want –  all while positively impacting more people.

Now, to make this happen, you two options:

  1. Learning how to systemize all on your own. I did this route. It took me years to put all the pieces together correctly and to even learn what the pieces even where – and I wish someone could’ve told me everything I’m about to share with you.
  2. Take the accelerated shortcut and SAVE YEARS of time and energy being able to plug-in like the matrix all the lessons and thing I’ve tested spending over a quarter of million dollars testing and refining – all given to you on a silver platter within the Systemizing Blueprint Program.

The choice it up to you…

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If you still want to know more about what you will learn, discover, and get from this Systemizing Blueprint Program, then here’s a short description of each of the three core sections, and some bullets on what you’ll discover, learn and get:

Session #1: MASTER MAP

Inside Secrets And Step By Step Application How To Build Your Master System Map That Automatically Guides You To Systematize Your Business For More Profit, More Time Off, And Less Stress

What if you had a personal “Master Map” to automatically get rid of and AVOID all the unclarity, confusion, and mess that can easily trap us in today’s overstimulated and distraction prone world…

A Master Map to automatically guide you to put everything in place to have your business fully systematized for more profit and time off.

By the end of this section you’ll have that Master Map.

You’ll finally understand the REAL challenges you are facing with systematizing your business – only to quickly turn those challenges into a personal, built-for-you solution.  You will discover the 9 simple steps to build your Master Map that puts you on the fast track to systematize your business for ultimate business growth, profit, and time off.

Here’s a short sample you’ll learn within this program

  • My entire SEO client business mapped out in INSANE amount of detail, showing you (possibly for the first time) behind the scenes access to a profitable systemized business – that way you can literally steal and copy it for yourself (it’s okay this is a good type of stealing that I fully approve and encourage you to do).
  • The real prison-cell trap challenge of systemizing your business, and what to do about it to escape the trap of your business depending on you.
  • What most people do wrong when creating outcomes they want – that actually attracts and generates exactly what they do NOT want (along with the 3 other factors you MUST get right when creating outcomes).
  • What insidious profit-blocking beliefs about systems that can stop most people before they even begin and how to replace them with profit producing empowering beliefs immediately.
  • How to calculate all your costs and select your profit margins (must know this in exact detail in order to scale).
  • and much MUCH more
Session #2: SYSTEM SEEDS

Simple Trick To Not Let Your Clients Be Time and Energy Sucking Vampires That Make You Want to Shoot Yourself in the Head – Along With Advanced “System Seeds” to Grow Your Business, Profit, and Have More Time-Off, Faster

In Section 2 we will go MUCH DEEPER down the rabbit hole to more ADVANCED concepts.

You will learn how to avoid the downward spiral of stress, chaos, feeling stuck, limited growth and a depressing bankruptcy.

I will show you how to get on an UPWARD spiral of increased profit. less stress and more time off.

In this section it should be clear that the material being revealed to you is NOT some “8 funky tips to systematize your business” type of information.

This is GAME CHANGING material like you’ve never seen before…

Immediately putting you on a faster, more accurate course for increased profit, more time off, and less stress. All wrapped up in an accelerated learning format – hand delivered to you on a silver platter.

Here’s a few need-to-know lessons you’ll get from this section

  • The 6 factors you must have in place to create an amazing raving fan customer experience.
  • The one critical counter-intuitive thing most people get wrong that derails them from systemizing their business.
  • If you ever say “I want more clients, so I make more money …but I HATE working with clients, they are such a pain in the ass” then you need to see the simple trick how to loving forcing your clients to have a great experience with you and not demand so many custom tasks.
  • The deeper “System Seeds” understanding that are going to UNLOCK new insights which will help you to see and solve complex challenges that were holding you back in the past from scaling your business.
  • In a world where there’s just so much to do, and everything is so important and urgent, how to best prioritize your day to achieve the most each day to build your systemized business that survives and thrives without you in the shortest amount of time.
  • And A TON more.
Session #3: SYSTEM STARS

Fully Mapped Out Method to Accelerate Attracting and Building a SuperStar Team That Creates, Runs, Maintains, and Improves the Profit-Producing Systems Without You – Automatically Putting Your Business On A Four Lane Superhighway Of Sustainable Profitable Business Growth

Very few people know how to build teams correctly. On top of that, most employees seem to resent their boss, and the boss thinks their employees aren’t stepping up.

This combination can virtually cripple the business into bankruptcy and out of existence.

That’s why in this session (System Stars) you will learning the insights, methods, and action items to simply and easily attract and build a team of accelerated systematic business growth ninjas that will help you build your business to scale in no time flat – leaving you to watch your business and bank account grow.

Whether you want to systemize your business in order to make more money, take more time off and have less stress (or all of the above), you will need to have a great team in place to help build, run, maintain, and improve the systems.

A few exciting ground-breaking things you’ll get from this session

  • How to know when to fire the wrong success preventing people from your team …and how to retain superstars to build your business with you.
  • Is the answer hiring amazingly smart people? Or is the answer having a great system and environment for people to grow in? (the answer probably isn’t what you think)
  • What are the traditional management practices that work in the past, but now they don’t work (they kill engagement and productivity) and how to you avoid these like the plague and swap them out for management methods that really work.
  • Ever feel like you have no idea what your staff is doing, the progress they are making, etc.? Well here’s one simple trick to instantly know.
  • All the potential candidates for hire say they are the best, detail-oriented, etc when interviewing ..here’s how to tell the real truth if they have the needed traits or not.
  • Everybody always say “hire the right person” well what does the right person even mean? And how do you find them and get them to productively help build your business for you?
  • Four COSTLY mistakes I made when first trying to systemize my business – and how you can learn from them to save years of time, energy, and effort.

Going through these core sessions, jam-packed with the systems and scaling lessons you need to hear and learn, you’ll make the SHIFT to a more systematized, organized,  profit-producing business that does not depend on you…

450+ Other Entrepreneurs Have ALREADY Gone Through This EXACT Program That You Are About To…

Here’s a few reviews and BIG profit-producing systemizing lessons they got from this exact same program you are about to go through:

Michael Milas
Michael Milas
If you are struggling with systems, processes, and scaling then join Mike Piet’s Operate It Pro [Systemizing Blueprint Program].

His training is awesome and a gold mine of information and completly mind opening.

If you “know” SEO (or offer any product or service for that matter) and are ready to scale your business to the moon then get into this program and listen to this guy :)

I knew a lot on the subject he is teaching [systems & scaling], but learned a ton more from this program, more importantly it wasn’t until the last two videos that I started taking action on it.

Thanks to you, Mike, I’m now up till 4AM restructuring my entire business and figuring out all the details of my operations.

Mark Luckenbaugh
Mark Luckenbaugh
A business is not a sustainable entity without business systems.

Mike teaches you how to build them. Just take a look and enroll in his program.

Knowledge is power :)

I take a lot of his advice about making scale manageable.

Mike Dino
Mike Dino
I am on page 86 of the Systemizing Blueprint book already. You did an amazing job on this book Mike. Massive value is an understatement.

You broke everything down into bite sized pieces as you take the reader through simple steps that will make it easy for them to understand and implement the mental and physical exercises you lay out. Those will get them the point they need to be, in order to be “capable of creating the systems”.

At first I was thinking that the book was just going to be explaining generic systems that any business can implement. But it goes far beyond that in explaining the mindset that will enable you to implement custom systems for your exact business. Each exercise is an easy step taking you quickly to the next one. The steps break down the barriers from one to the next.

I recommend everyone read this book.

Chris Traynor
Chris Traynor
I’m on the third video Mike. I’ve been watching it all day. This is dynamite stuff man and different to anything else I’ve seen.

It’s about time local SEOs got this professional about their work.

I can’t believe you charged this cheap for the program [$297]. It must have taken you months to put the whole thing together with the book and everything. Good on you.

Stephen Boyle
Stephen Boyle
Brilliant stuff as always Mike.

And example is truly worth a thousands words. And when you mix in examples with your training how to create systems, we can build something really great.

Glad to be a part of your group and training.

James Leigh
James Leigh
My biggest takeaway was to know the exact cost of my services so I know how to price them properly to get the profit I wanted (and you adding exactly step by step how to figure that out within the book was insanely helpful).

And that of course leads to not letting the client create service scope without paying of it.

Well done, thanks!

Armando Saenz
Armando Saenz
Holy Cheezits!

Mike you and I seem to have very similar ways of thinking and systematizing. All my inspiration came from the e-myth your stuff is so similar to what I have it’s scary. lol

You put a lot of work into this man, hats off to you it’s great stuff!!

Brice Gump
Brice Gump
Hey Mike amazing first session of the program. I’m glad I stayed till the end of the first session, it was definitely systems 101 until you opened up at the end there that made it much more valuable for someone like me who has been working on systems for a little while – so it’s not a new concept but always super valuable to see how other people are doing it. Really appreciate it and would love to talk more soon gotta run now thanks again!

Well worth the investment I made this far!

Montina Young Portis
Montina Young Portis
I went through the entire training passively and must say that Mike did an awesome job. It is a fully mapped out method for systems that is clear, actionable steps and easy to implement. He included the psychological as well as behavioral reasons so that we could even get past roadblocks in our mind. It was very impressive.

This week I fired an employee and after taking the training realized that she was a “star” (not a supernova, lol) and that I needed to provide more direct feedback.

My agency is a at 6 figures and we were just starting to feel the pressure as we’re growing to the 7 figure mark.

We were strong in the customer service and follow-up but weak with the internal systems.

I will be going back through the training tomorrow and implementing the processes, workflows and checklists into our agency.

I am implementing the System Sars module immediately.

Mike you did a fantastic job – you provided a ton of value. Thank you!

These are all people, like you and me, cut from the same cloth, applying the exact same proven principles in their unique situation, and are growing fast.

You can be next…

I’ve done it and are doing it.

Others have done it and are doing it.

Now YOU can do it too.

You know there’s a demand for your service… so the question is are you going to learn about systems about scaling to capitalize on that?

I’ll make the “decision” even easy for you by adding this…

Systemized or Sucked 100% Money Back Guarantee

30-days-money-back-guarantee-oipLook, if this didn’t help you accelerate systemizing your business for more money and time off, then I don’t want your money…

I’m only interested in returning minimum 10X value back to you in the form of increased profits and growth for your business, and a more systematized structure for your business to start fixing the majority of problems itself, while still delivering high quality results to your clients without you…

If this didn’t happen, then you have a full 30 days from when you enroll in this program, to send me or someone on my team a message (email is admin@operateitpro.com or name is Mike Piet on facebook) and we’ll refund every single penny – no questions asked – and still be friends no matter what.

So now for the “final” question:

Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Now we are at the point like in the matrix where Neo can take the red or blue pill.

Red pill: you can leave this page, this opportunity will soon be forgotten, turned into a distant memory you once had like a dream you long forgotten.


Blue pill: you can enroll now and learn what it really takes to systemize your business from someone who has done it – see real world examples from my own high-performing and profit-producing business you can apply directly to your business to create a business that not only survives and fixes itself without you, but also thrives and grows without you as well.

Since I seem to really like the Matrix today, I’ll end with one last quote from the Morphis.

This is just like Morpheus says to Neo, “I can only show you the door, you must open it.

I can’t make you do anything, and only want you to do what’s best for you.

So if you are in the position of being tired of having to be the main one to do all the work or nothing happens, and really do want to build a real business that is more systemized, streamlined, efficient, organized, predictable, profitable allowing you to NOT being needed as much… then this is for you.

Don’t let this opportunity fade away, take action today, invest in your business and life by going through this program – 100% risk free – and I promise you things will never be the same, positively changed forever.

legacy button onelegacy 3 installment



Mike Piet


PS: if you have any questions before enrolling, just send me a message via facebook and I will answer it.