You see, what usually happens is people learn how to do their craft (such as SEO), they learn sales (getting someone to say “yes”) and then they STOP.

They don’t FOCUS on and LEARN that “invisible” thing going on in the background: SYSTEMS.

If you’ve been around any profitable business owners or online forums, you’ve probably heard in one way or another that “systems are critical to grow and scale your business” – and it’s absolutely true.

…yet no one tells you specifically HOW to do it.

For me personally, without systems, I got stuck making around $10,000 per month with  just a handful of clients, and it was a painful, stressful, overwhelming time that led me to just about burn out and almost shut down the business multiple times.

I’ve been intensely researching this topic for years, trying to find the best books, material, and training programs on systems…

I’ve now compiled the leading information on systems, combined with my own experiences – and experiences of other elite business owners – to present you this very book.

I’ve seriously got some killer methods, system-hacks, and just great techniques for scaling past this “challenge” – that you can start using right now.

All you have to do is watch/listen/read (your choice) this very material from start to finish.

Do NOT skip around – it will NOT make sense out of order – each insight and step builds upon the other. So go in order, from start to finish.

Then just take ACTION on the action items (which you will know when).

It’s as simple as that.

I’d highly suggest you start now. Research shows the longer you delay doing something, the less likely you are to do it – so the time to start is now – even if it’s just for five minutes.

Overview of Sections

If you want a quick overview of how this material is laid out – here it is:

Section #1: MASTER MAP

Inside Secrets And Step By Step Application How To Build Your Master System Map That Automatically Guides You To Systematize Your Business For More Profit, More Time Off, And Less Stress

What if you had a personal “Master Map” to automatically get rid of and AVOID all the unclarity, confusion, and mess that can easily trap us in today’s overstimulated and distraction prone world…

And a Master Map to automatically guide you to put everything in place to have your business fully systematized for more profit and time off.

By the end of this section you’ll have that Master Map.

You’ll finally understand the REAL challenges you are facing with systematizing your business – only to quickly turn those challenges into a personal, built-for-you solution.  You will discover the 9 simple steps to build your Master Map that puts you on the fast track to systematize your business for ultimate business growth, profit, and time off.

Section #2: SYSTEM SEEDS

Simple Trick To Not Let Your Clients Be Time and Energy Sucking Vampires That Make You Want to Shoot Yourself in the Head – Along With Advanced “System Seeds” to Grow Your Business, Profit, and Time-Off, Faster

In Section 2 we will go MUCH DEEPER down the rabbit hole to more ADVANCED concepts.

You will learn how to avoid the downward spiral of stress, chaos, feeling stuck, limited growth and (god forbid) bankruptcy.

I will show you how to get on an UPWARD spiral of increased profit. less stress and more time off.

In this section it should be clear that the material being revealed to you is NOT some “8 funky tips to systematize your business” type of information.

This is GAME CHANGING material like you’ve never seen before…

Immediately putting you on a faster, more accurate course for increased profit, more time off, and less stress. All wrapped up in an accelerated learning format – hand delivered to you on a silver platter.

Section #3: SYSTEM STARS

Fully Mapped Out Method to Accelerate Attracting and Building a SuperStar Team That Creates, Runs, Maintains, and Improves the Profit-Producing Systems Without You – Automatically Putting Your Business On A Four Lane Superhighway Of Sustainable Profitable Business Growth

Very few people know how to build teams correctly. On top of that, most employees seem to resent their boss, and the boss thinks their employees aren’t stepping up.

This combination can virtually cripple the business into bankruptcy and out of existence.

But not yours! In Section #3, System Stars, you will learning the insights, methods, and action items to simply and easily attract and build a team of accelerated systematic business growth ninjas that will help you build your business to scale in no time flat – leaving you to watch your bank account grow.

Whether you want to systemize your business in order to make more money, take more time off and have less stress (or all of the above), you will need to have a great team in place to help build, run, maintain, and improve the systems.

Let the transformation begin by learning and using the material in THIS very book.

People that do NOT let the transformational shift begin, who don’t know and master this material will…

  • Live a life of quiet desperation, deep tiredness, and hopelessness.
  • Feel trapped in years of limited business growth, frustration, stress and not get the success they want.
  • Damage beyond repair relationships from overworking and stress, along with serious irreversible health problems from working all the time.
  • Actually make more money if they would have just had a “normal” job.
  • Usually have a victim mentality with thoughts like, “It can’t be done” – blaming themselves, their team or their customers, and just want to give up.

But that will NOT be you.

I will NOT let that happen to you.

You are reading this very material now for a reason.

After going through and using this material you’ll soon:

  • Have the business you’ve been imagining and obsessing about; the one that not only survives, but thrives without you.
  • Enable yourself to achieve more of the goals you want and be able to make things happen.
  • Have more free time to do what you want, when you want.
  • Attract the types of people you want in your life.
  • Double your income yearly; being able to buy and do more of things you want in your life.

All with less stress and less work – that’s the power of mastering this very material here that you’re about to learn.


Say “goodbye” to the old you and “hello” to the new you, and to the new systemized business that survives and thrives without you.


Mike Piet