Free First Foundation Part 1

First Foundations Part 1 of 3:

Wrapping Our Heads Around The Challenges, Defining Closing and Influence Factors, Rules for Successful Selling, And Much More, For Consistently Closing Prospects For High Monthly Payments

A sample of the few things we’ll go over in this first part:

  • We’ll first define what “closing” is, with a visual example.
  • Then we’ll wrap our heads around and get clear on the whole SEO systematized business challenges so we can solve all of them to create a business that survives and thrives without us (most people never look at it this way and never achieve this).
  • What are the TWO key parts when “closing” a prospect for high monthly prices that we need to master.
  • How to use “closing” to keep high paying clients long term – and will show concrete examples how to do this instantly so that way you keep your revenue going up without always needing to replace clients.
  • Introduction to influence factors and examples of them being used to get a higher percent of people to say “YES” more consistently.
  • We’ll go over the “3 Rules of Successful Selling” (without these any selling tool or method will not be nearly as effective).
  • And a ton more, all needed to know to consistently close prospects for high monthly prices…

Just hit the play button as soon as you can. Studies show the longer you delay, the less likely you are to do it, so I highly recommend you start watching now.