Proven Process To Consistently Close SEO Prospects For High Monthly Prices

I’m now releasing my full proven Sales Closing System – that I use to consistently close new re-occurring high-paying SEO clients.

Not only have I researched, refined, tested and re-tested the most predictable and efficient process, exact steps, and words (along with over $100K worth of video and audio RECORDED client closing meetings that go hand in hand with this training)…

…but I’ve also now successfully taught other people (both other business owners and others I’ve hired for my own business) – who knew NOTHING about SEO – to consistently close new clients for high monthly payments.

So I figured, “Why not also make use out of this by releasing this to you & and this small group of people?” …So that’s what I’m doing here today.

Now, it will be a paid program as I want some barrier entry to this, so it will be a tight knit group of people USING THIS (and of course tweaked to your own style/offer as needed).

…but considering the value of this (of GETTING a lot more cash each month when using it – and not to mention the insane amount of hours I’ve spent creating, testing over and over and refining the system to consistently achieve high closing rates that anyone can learn and use within a focused day or two) it’s WORTH it.

…to be able to use for yourself, be able to train others to quickly consistently close, or to run the entire sales system themselves + to see how the OIP systematizing method creates a real system others run, maintain, use, etc.

So in these videos, I’ll be sharing my story of how I figured this all out, some amazing sales systems secrets you may or may not know, powerful “weapons of influence” and more about the “SCS Program”, and how to get access to it if you are interested, etc.

So just go ahead and hit “play” and we’ll talk there (FYI watch these in ORDER – as each part builds upon each other.)

NOTE: We are ALSO going to talk about lead generation, fulfillment, and hiring systems in THESE training videos as well BECAUSE…

  • If you don’t have enough leads, well, closing system virtually useless.
  • If you don’t have the fulfillment down, that turns into a lot of stress and workload for you quickly. And you need to have an awesome product/service to sell and be confident about in the first place.
  • And if you don’t have the hiring system down, finding right people, right system to train them, work management systems in place, etc. then hiring someone can create more stress and chaos then less of it.

…so we will mostly talk about “closing” in THESE training session, but then I’m also going to talk about and give some solutions for lead gen, fulfillment, and hiring systems – that way we have a full “HOLISTIC” approach to really create a business that can SCALE for much bigger profits and does NOT depend on us all the time.

PS: Studies show that if you document what you learn, you’ll be 50% likely to use what you learn – so I’d definitely recommend you taking notes – and thinking how you can APPLY this :)