The Needed Systems That Must Be In Place To Have A Surviving & Thriving Business That Does NOT Depend On You In order To Scale Correctly…

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You can read more about these system programs to find out which one you need most. If unsure, just start going through at the top of the list (System Secrets), and work your way down:

System Secrets [SS]


What Most People Don’t Know About Systemizing Their Business For More Profit, Working On What They Want, And How Many Hours They Want…

Here’s the challenge you may be dealing with… there’s so information, so much to do – how do we handle it all to make the profit we want?

..and how do we do it efficiently/at the fastest speed, and NOT DIE of overworking or feeling massively overwhelmed when figuring out how to put all the pieces and build and scale a business?

You see, NOT knowing and using the material in “System Secrets” results in being confused, OVERWHELMED, not taking a lot of action (and not correct action), resulting in less profit, and being STUCK.

The SOLUTION is learning the fundamentals of building a system, procedures, feedback systems, to make the chaos more structured/organized/simple, etc. (all laid out in the “System Secrets” Program).

After you go through the “System Secrets Program” you’ll be more confident in your approach, taking the right actions, your business becomes more simple to manage – leading to much more profit and time off.

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Systematizing Blueprint [SB]


Turn Your Energy-Sucking, Time-Demanding, Slow-Moving, Stressful, Unorganized, Chaotic Prison-Cell Business…
Into A Predictable, Organized, Profitable, Scalable Business That Survives & Thrives Without You…

Now you need some ADVANCED “System Skills”…

The reason why is… it’s hard and overwhelming to manage and do all the core parts in a business, all on your own (sales, fulfillment, accounting, management, hiring, communication, planning, lead gen, dealing with clients in all different types of situations, putting out fires, etc.

Without mastering the material in Systemizing Blueprint… can and in most cases results in extreme feelings of overwhelm, burn out, loss of quality results, closing the business/bankruptcy.

The solution for this within the Systemizing Blueprint program is fully laid out in insane details – everything from systemizing your entire business, getting clear on your outcomes, challenges, making a one page system diagram (your master map), having roles, hiring, deeper systems understanding, etc.

After going through the “system your business will be…a more organized, predictable, scalable business, with a superstar staff helping you build, run, maintain, and improve the systems leading to much more profit and time-off/business not depending on owner.

These first two programs (System Secrets & Systematizing Blueprint) are essentially “systems” to “systemize” your business that MUST be understood and used to scale.

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Sales Closing System [SCS]


The Exact Sales Closing System: That ANYONE Can Use And How You Can Instantly & Literary Copy It – To Be Profitable, Predictable, Efficient at Closing Prospects For High Monthly Prices

Reality is.. it’s hard to know all the parts to consistently close prospects for high monthly prices when everyone else is charging low prices.

Specifically within the “Sales Closing System” there’s challenges such as:

  • Qualifying /who to talk to
  • Charging high prices when everyone else is charging low prices
  • Getting prospects to meet and show up
  • Getting leads to actually say yes and pay.
  • Building trust when they’ve burned in past
  • Overcoming objections
  • How to speak confidently
  • Handling multiple leads in pipeline
  • What tools you use
  • Price the service correctly
  • Not getting burnt out
  • Hard and takes a long time to document it all into system to give to others to execute for you
  • etc.

Any/or a combination of these challenges can/and most likely leads to getting burnt out, resenting leads, settling for lower prices and not being able to afford the resources to provide service and pay yourself well, eventually ignoring leads/quitting.

The solution includes having a well organized, simple, fully documented sales closing system that you or anyone you hire can use to consistently close prospects for high monthly prices (all built out for you within the SCS program).

Once your Sales Closing System is setup correctly – this means all you have to do is pump in leads – and outcomes high monthly paying customers – with the least amount of resources (time, money, effort) used.

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Fanatic Fulfillment System [FFS]


Scalable Profitable System to Consistently Deliver #1 Rankings, Comfort, & Confidence Creating Long-Term Raving-Fan Customers

You are essentially fucked without a efficient and effective fulfillment system in place that OTHERS all run. They can monitor what’s working, what’s not. Everything is in place. etc.

…without you are the constraint to the business. Only so many customer’s can be onboarded successfully on because YOU have to be in the process somehow – which means you are the bottleneck/constraint to the business growing – and it can be living hell to somehow be involved with many client projects, etc..

The solution involves having it all documented, with checklists, with training procedures in place, monitor, accountability build in, etc.

That way you can hire anyone with the correct skills, and they can do the entire fulfillment all of all digital marketing products/services exactly as needed each month

This is all taught and hand-delivered to you on a silver platter in the Fanatic Fulfillment System

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Here’s a checklist you can use to make sure you and your staff have gone through all the OIP Systems

NOTE: all products have at least 30 day refund policy from date you purchased/enrolled into any system program.